Book Review: If the Shoe Fits

If the Shoe Fits (Meant to Be #1) by Julie Murphy

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Five Words or Less : just fluffing adorable

Quotable: “The best part about crossing any bridge is the chance to look back and be able to fully understand where you came from.”

What I Liked:
▪️Finally, a Cinderella retelling that doesn’t make the stepfamily “evil.” Cuz let’s face it, that shit has been done to death.
▪️A kick-ass plus-sized heroine.
▪️Body positive vibes everywhere.
▪️No mice? No problem! Just add adorable triplets.
▪️That beautiful cover!

What I Didn’t:
▪️I would have liked to see Cindy push back more on those who give her shit about her size. She’s very outspoken on the subject in her head and among family/friends. But I wanted more “say one more word about my butt and Imma cut a bitch” when dealing with the haters. But maybe that’s just my wide ass and dimpled thighs talking…
▪️The dreaded closed door. OK, I knew that going in (this is Disney, after all), but still. Actually, I’m going to put this in the pro column as well, because it was a nice palate cleanser after some of the books I’ve read lately. Seriously, I didn’t even think it was even possible to read TOO MUCH smut. Who knew? 🤷

Final Thoughts: I definitely plan to continue with this new Meant to Be series. Especially after yesterday’s announcement that book two will be a Beauty and the Beast retelling (my fave Disney movie and heroine) AND that Jasmine Guillory is writing it!! 😍🎉

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