Book Review: The Love Hypothesis

This book was everything!! It’s absolutely one of the best debut novels I’ve ever read. Science nerds and fake dating and a hero who is “antagonistic and unapproachable” on the outside but is the sweetest cinnamon roll on the inside? I AM HERE FOR ALL OF IT.

Things I loved:
• The expired contacts prologue 😂
• Grumpy vs Sunshine
• Kick-ass women in STEM
• The best start to a fake-dating plot EVER
• Nerdy, sexy banter
• Just enough science talk to be genuine and interesting, but not so much that I needed to look stuff up (OK, so I looked up ONE thing)
• A sex scene so good it requires three chapters
• Flu shots and ice cream sandwiches
• Asexual spectrum representation
• Holden and Malcolm (I need their story, STAT)
• A man muscled enough to move a car? YES, PLEASE!
• Everything

Things I didn’t love:
• That it had to end
• That there is not a sequel so I can continue basking in the Olive and Adam loveliness
• That I can’t ever read it again for the first time
• He Who Shall Not Be Named but who shall be mightily #metoo‘d

Final thoughts:
• I need an Adam POV book. Like, NOW
• Ali Hazelwood is now an auto-buy for me
• I am telling every person I know to get this book in front of their eyeballs immediately
• The Love Hypothesis will be a strong contender for my favorite read of 2021


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