ARC Review: Fools In Love

Fools In Love: Fresh Twists on Romantic Tales, edited by Ashley Herring Blake & Rebecca Podos
Publication date: 7 Dec 2021

Fools in Love is a sweet compilation of YA love stories with plenty of LGBTQ+ representation. Each short story is a different romance trope, from “grumpy meets sweet” to “fake dating” to “only one bed at the inn,” along with a whole lot of others. This collection was engaging and exposed me to stories in several genres that I wouldn’t normally read, so it was a good way to take in some sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero tales that I usually shy away from. 

My favorite stories from the collection were “Boys Noise” by Mason Deaver (the whole reason I requested this in the first place), “Bloom” by Rebecca Barrow, and “Disaster” by Rebecca Podos. There were a few at the beginning of the book that I wasn’t particularly fond of, which made me question if I would want to continue reading, but the stories in the back half of the book were immensely better and I’m so glad I made myself finish. Overall, I give it a strong three stars. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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