ARC Review: There’s No Crying at Christmas

There’s No Crying at Christmas
Publication date: November 4, 2021

This fall, G.G. Gleason gave us the perfect besties-to-lovers romance, FALLing. And now she’s followed it up with the perfect Christmas enemies-to-lovers companion novel, There’s No Crying at Christmas. In this book, we follow Allie, the sweet, unsuspecting “other woman” from FALLing, as she travels back home to her small town in Tennessee after leaving that liar and cheater Sam behind in NYC, and moves in with her big brother, Adam. The problem? Adam is best friends and coworkers with Cole, and Allie has hated Cole since their school days, when she saw him as her bully. And she still hates him today. Well, she mostly hates him. He’s still a jerk, right? Right. Well, until he isn’t anymore. 😉 I mean, this could not be a more wonderful holiday tale (Hallmark Channel, take note!). The chemistry between Allie and Cole is super-hot. I loved watching their relationship evolve as they worked through all of the stuff that had been keeping them apart all these years.

And that’s not to say that this story is all sunshine and rainbows. Both of our main characters face difficulties. Cole is the target of racism, and Allie’s mother is, well, I don’t think I’m allowed to use those kinds of words in a review. But the nice part is that Allie and Cole face these issues together, as a team. They have each other’s backs, and stand up for each other when necessary.

Also, side note to the author: I trust that right at this moment you are working on Adam’s story? Because I NEED to see more of that grumpy-but-loveable sweetheart of a man. Just sayin’. 😁

So yes, if you want a feel-good Christmastime love story, be sure to check this one out!


Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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