Review: Well Matched

This third installment of Jen DeLuca’s Willow Creek Ren Faire series did not disappoint! We finally – FINALLY! – get Kilty Mitch’s story, which I have been waiting for since we were first introduced to him in Well Met. Damn, I love a man in a kilt. And April! I was so excited that she finally gets her HEA, after all that she’s been through. I loved the way DeLuca turned the grumpy-meets-sunshine trope on its head by having April be the grumpy and Mitch be the sunshine.

The ONLY thing I wish is that this one had a dual POV narration. I was just dying to get inside Mitch’s head as this relationship developed. I’m sure it would have been swoony and hysterical. 🤣

I recommend this one for those who enjoy:
❤️ fake dating
❤️ grumpy meets sunshine
❤️ reverse age gap
❤️ small town romance
❤️ first person narration

This is one of my favorite series, and if you haven’t checked it out yet you definitely should!


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