Best of 2021: The Love Hypothesis

Over the next few days I will be unveiling my favorite books of 2021. I can tell you that this process was HARD. I’ve read over 400 books this year, so in order to help narrow things down a bit, I limited the list to only those books that were published in 2021. And it was still really hard, because damn we had a lot of great books come out this year!

I’m kicking off this list with number 5: The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood. This book was impossible to ignore this year; it was all over Bookstagram and BookTok. And with good reason! Hazelwood ticked all of the boxes for me with this story:

Fake dating ✅
Enemies to lovers ✅
Grumpy meets sunshine ✅
Delicious banter ✅
Good steam ✅
Adorkable woman in STEM ✅

If you have somehow missed this book this year you MUST go grab it at put it on top of your TBR. And then add Ali Hazelwood to your auto-buy list like I have!

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