ARC Review: The Suite Spot

The Suite Spot by Trish Doller
Publication date: 08 March 2022

In the acknowledgements section of The Suite Spot, Trish Doller states that in writing this book, she wanted to tell a story that was “warm and gentle.” And I can think of no better way to describe this book. It’s like a cozy blanket over your shoulders and a mug of hot cocoa (with extra marshmallows, of course) warming your hands as you sit in an oversized armchair in front of a roaring fire. It’s a wonderful grumpy meets sunshine, friends to lovers romance with a slow burn and low angst. There is conflict, but it is nothing that sets your nerves on edge. There is an adorable toddler, a demon cat, a bunch of charming supporting characters, and a lot of talk about beer.

This is the second book in the Beck Sisters series, but you don’t necessarily need to have read the first book, Float Plan, before reading this one (though you’ll want to read it at some point because it’s really good). Doller gives you just enough information from book one to know who the major players are, but doesn’t fall prey to the exposition dump that some authors force on the reader when writing subsequent books in a series.

One thing I loved about this book, and I hope it becomes a trend in the romance industry, is that our heroine, Rachel, is plus-sized but there isn’t a big deal made of it. It’s referenced a couple of times here and there, but it’s not a major plot point. It just is what it is. As a larger woman myself, I appreciate the plus-sized love that we’re seeing pop up lately, but I also appreciate it when it’s just background information and not a big deal.

And I know we’re now out of Beck sisters to write about, but I’d love for Doller to come up with more stories surrounding these characters and their friends. One can only hope. 😊


Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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