Book Review: How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is by Dylan Newton

In How Sweet It Is, we get not just a grumpy meets sunshine (one of my favorite tropes), but a Queen of Happily Ever Afters meets the Knight of Nightmares and I am here for every single part of it. The book opens with possibly the most hysterical meet cute in all of romance, and I was hooked from that moment on.

Kate Sweet is a party… sorry EVENT planner, and her next gig is planning the book launch of a young, hot Stephen King-ish author named Drake Matthews who wants absolutely nothing to do with any book launch. He’s tired of everyone thinking he is a freak show and his house is haunted and he’s just kind of over it. He’s been struggling with writing his next book, but time spent around Kate proves that she is his muse, and suddenly words are flying out of his brain.

Meanwhile Kate, who usually plans weddings down to the most minute detail in her spreadsheets, tries to figure out how to create a book launch for a horror book. As expected, things go wrong and then things go right and I think the book can pretty much be summed up as a Hallmark Halloween.

Light and lovely, I definitely recommend How Sweet It Is to anyone who just wants a soft cuddly blanket of a book after a long, hard day of work.

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