ARC Review: Acts of Violet

Acts of Violet by Margarita Montimore
Publication Date: 05 July 2022

I loved Oona Out of Order, and I was hopeful that Montimore would be able to bring that same magic (ha) to her latest book, Acts of Violet. And wow, did she deliver on this one! I received this surprise ARC in the mail from Flatiron Books and figured I would take a quick glance at the first few pages and then put in on my ARC TBR shelf to read closer to the publication date. Well, a few pages quickly turned into about a quarter of the book, and I knew that this one was going to be jumping straight to the head of the line because there was no way I was putting it down! It had me completely captivated from the first page.

Acts of Violet is the story of Sasha, a woman whose life was upended almost ten years ago when her sister, famed magician Violet Volk, disappeared in the middle of one of her performances. The present-day plot is delicately and intricately woven with transcripts of podcast episodes centering on Violet’s disappearance, as well as letters and emails from the past and present. The characters are richly developed, the plot keeps us guessing, and the ending is absolutely perfect. It’s appropriate that this is a book about a magician, because the entire time I was reading I felt like an audience member watching the show, with one part of me trying to figure out how the tricks are done, and the other half not caring about the details because I have been totally swept away in the beauty of the action.

Seeing the reviews of the audiobook production of this novel, it looks like I will be trying that out for the next of what I’m sure will be many reads of this mesmerizing tale. It’s one of those books that demands a re-read, if only to pick up on the subtle things you may have missed the first time around.

Thank you to Flatiron Books for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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