Book Tour Stop – The Overtures of My Saga

Today I’m excited to be a tour stop for Pride Book tours and The Overtures of My Saga. Elsie Swain is a new author for me, and I delighted in this sequel to Swan Song of My Era. It did take me a little time to settle into the story because although I had intended to read the first book prior to diving into this one, I just ran out of time. But once you get a feel for the characters and their dynamics, I would say this book has standalone potential.

Speaking of characters, there is not enough love in the world for Miann, the musician of my heart, and Theus, an architect searching for inspiration for his next project. This is a slow burn story of the relationship between the two, filled with banter and sweetness. But it is also a story of friendship, and I want more than ever to go back and read the first book to learn about the relationship between Spes and Hope. And did I mention that this all takes place in the French countryside? *swoon* I definitely recommend this one for anyone looking for a love story with more to it than just the relationship between the two main characters.

Thank you to the author and to Pride Book Tours for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

❓ Are you a monogamous reader, only reading one book at a time, or do you spread your love around to multiple books at the same time?

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