Pub Day Review: With Him

With Him by Kelly Finley
Book 2 in the All for You Duet
Available now on Kindle Unlimited

For those of you who have had the pleasure of devouring Finley’s first book in this duet, After Him, you will not be disappointed in this second book. For those of you who have not yet picked up book one, go get it. Like, right now. I’ll wait.

We open With Him right where we left off with Cade and Redix. Their brief window of HFN shattered by the words, “What did you do, Cade?” Torn apart again, Redix focuses on keeping his sobriety while Cade remains steadfast in her pursuit of the two criminals who have eluded her justice thus far. And then there’s Silas. My dream man and favorite character from Finley’s Come For Me series. He is all beauty and heart, inside and out. And he is there to offer comfort to both Cade and to Redix. And when they all get together? Dang! The steam pouring out of this book about fogged up my glasses! Finley knows how to write scenes that will blow the doors off whatever you thought the limits of hotness could be. This book is definitely not one you want to read in public!

This FMM ménage is Finley at her best. She knows how to break your heart, splinter it into a million tiny bits, and then gradually put it together again piece by piece. As usual, she takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotion and will at times have you screaming at the pages. It is packed with intensity and suspense and passion, and it will make your toes curl and your heart break. And of course Finley finishes me off with an epilogue that left me in tears. The good kind. 

The supporting cast is brilliant, as usual. Mama G is back and is even funnier and more delightful, and I’ve already had some words with the author about this particular character (ifkyk). And Stacey and Scarlett and Luca…I just love them all and they had better get their own books! 

I cannot recommend Finley’s books highly enough. While reading them you will love her and you will hate her and at the end of the day you will thank her for bringing you such beautiful stories.

Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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