Don't mind me, I'm just over here having a preorder party. When B&N announced their big preorder sale on Wednesday, I told myself I was allowed to order three books. That was it. No more. My TBR is large enough already. And then yesterday I was like, "well, maybe just three more..." And then Friday... Continue Reading →

September Pre-Orders

My September pre-orders! First up is the way-too-long-awaited Saint by Sierra Simone. I have recently re-read Priest and Sinner to get myself back into the world of the Bell brothers, and the little teasers that the author has been putting out are KILLING ME! I hope that the 7th gets here soon! Also pre-ordered this month... Continue Reading →

Both Sides Now

Oh. My. Heart. This book. Jen is all up in her feels right now. I can't even form coherent sentences at the moment. I may be an old, cis-hetero lady but I felt every word and my maternal instincts went into overdrive. I just wanted to wrap all of these characters in a big mama... Continue Reading →

Sunshine and New Books

The sun is setting on a beautiful day here in Central New York. I made a stop at the Fulton Public Library this morning and then my usual pilgrimage to the river's end bookstore this afternoon, and now of course I have more books to add to my never-ending TBR... 🤦🤷

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