This blog is moving!

Just popping in to let everyone know that the content on this blog has been moved to my new blog, The Climacteric. This new one will have not just my bookish content, but also my musings on other topics such as wellness, mental health, writing, and a special love story project that is very near... Continue Reading →

JenNeSaisReads is now DeJenerateReads!

BREAKING NEWS!! I started my Bookstagram account on a whim a year ago and the name I gave it (@jennesaisreads) was kind of a joke relating to a nickname I had for a while. If I had known that a year later I would have over 10k followers, I probably would have taken my name... Continue Reading →

Starred Reviews

How do you rate the books you read? Recently I've been doing a lot of thinking about the star rating system that is the standard for our Booksta community. But I've become rather frustrated with the five-star scale, and I spend too much of my mental energy agonizing over the particulars of how to rate... Continue Reading →

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