ARC Review: Hollywood Games

Hollywood Games by Evie AlexanderPublication Date: 04 April 2022 Hollywood Games is the second book in Evie Alexander's Kinloch series. In this installment, a big Hollywood movie production comes to film at the castle, which leads to major stress for our swoony hero, Rory, and brings us all manner of hijinks and mischief. I fell... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: By the Book

By the Book by Jasmine Guillory (Meant to Be #2)Publication date: 03 May 2022 By the Book by Jasmine Guillory is the second book in the Meant to Be series. Book one, If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy, was an adorable Cinderella retelling. Now Guillory takes on my favorite Disney tale, Beauty and the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Spanish Love Deception

The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas So, a lot of people I know have already read and reviewed this book, and their opinions are decidedly mixed. Is The Spanish Love Deception similar to The Hating Game? Yes, in some ways, but there are only so many romance trope permutations that one can have before... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Josh and Gemma Make a Baby

Josh and Gemma Make a Baby by Sarah ReadyPublication date: 25 January 2022 Josh and Gemma Make a Baby follows the journey of Gemma, a thirty-something divorced woman suffering from infertility, and Josh, her brother's best friend and the guy who's been a "houseplant" in the background of her life since she was young. Lacking... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Faith: Greater Heights

Faith: Greater Heights by Julie MurphyPublication date: November 2, 2021 I have to admit to not being at all familiar with the character of Faith Herbert before reading Faith: Taking Flight. I'm sure having some insight into the character prior to reading this two-part origin story would be useful. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed learning... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Fools In Love

Fools In Love: Fresh Twists on Romantic Tales, edited by Ashley Herring Blake & Rebecca PodosPublication date: 7 Dec 2021 Fools in Love is a sweet compilation of YA love stories with plenty of LGBTQ+ representation. Each short story is a different romance trope, from "grumpy meets sweet" to "fake dating" to "only one bed... Continue Reading →

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