ARC Review: Meredith, Alone

Meredith, Alone by Claire Alexander Pub date: 1 Nov 2022 from Grand Central Publishing I get most of my ARCs from NetGalley. And while many times I will go there looking for a specific book to request, mostly I tend to just surf through all of the available titles and see what catches my eye.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Nothing But the Truth

Nothing But the Truth by Holly James Best described as Liar, Liar meets the #metoo movement, Nothing But the Truth takes us on a wild ride through one crazy day in Hollywood publicist Lucy Green's life. Why is this particular day, her thirtieth birthday, so different from any other day? Well, it starts with the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow's difficult to describe, and that's what makes this story so breathtaking. On the surface it is the story of Sam and Sadie, two kids who meet in a hospital and then grow up together as best friends and business partners and... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Happy for You

Happy for You by Claire StanfordPublication Date: 19 April 2022 ⭐ A Jennesaisreads Starred Review ⭐ Deeply introspective and insightful, Claire Stanford's debut novel, Happy for You, forces us to take a good, hard look at the concept of happiness and how, or even if, it can be measured. Half Jewish and half Japanese, Evelyn... Continue Reading →

Book Tour Stop: Atonement Camp for Redemption

I'm so excited for my first time as a tour stop with Pride Book Tours! Atonement Camp for Redemption is the sequel to Evan J Corbin's sublime Atonement Camp for Unrepentant Homophobes. Pastor Rick, now out and proud after his stay at camp, is making up for lost time with a revolving door of men... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Delphine Jones Takes a Chance

Delphine Jones Takes a Chance by Beth MorreyPublication Date: 5 April 2022 "What are we but a series of evolutions?" Deeply emotional and wonderfully uplifting, Delphine Jones Takes a Chance (releasing as Em & Me in the UK) is a beautiful story of second chances and the power we all have to not be defined... Continue Reading →

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