ARC Review: The Suite Spot

The Suite Spot by Trish DollerPublication date: 08 March 2022 In the acknowledgements section of The Suite Spot, Trish Doller states that in writing this book, she wanted to tell a story that was "warm and gentle." And I can think of no better way to describe this book. It's like a cozy blanket over... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Blindsided

OK, I have a bone to pick with ALL y'all. How, in the name of Zeus' butthole (name that movie), have you allowed me to go all this time without reading an Amy Daws book??? Seriously, you gotta help a girl out here! Fortunately, Blindsided came up as a KU rec months ago, and the... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Forever Yours

Forever Yours by Annie Charme Publication date: October 28, 2021 What happens when your first love – the one who was everything to you, the one you planned your future around, the one who walked away and shattered your heart - walks back into your life 20 years later? Steph is faced with this dilemma... Continue Reading →

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