ARC Review: A Lady for a Duke

A Lady for a Duke by Alexis Hall Publication Date: 24 May 2022 Every time a new Alexis Hall book comes out, I find myself declaring that it is the best book he's ever written. And then he releases another and makes a liar out of me. Such is the case with his new Regency... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Reputation

Reputation by Lex Croucher Publication Date: 05 April 2022 The blurb for this book paints it as a Regency-era Mean Girls rom-com. While there is some humor in this story, I don't believe it can be accurately described as a rom-com. But the Mean Girls comparison is on point. We have our lead character, Georgiana,... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Say You’ll Be My Lady

Say You'll Be My Lady by Kate PembrookePublication Date: 22 February 2022 "It occurred to him then that men who preferred their females biddable and compliant were fools. He far preferred a lady unafraid to speak her own mind to stand up to him." After having met Lady Serena Wynter in the first book in... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Not the Kind of Earl You Marry

Not the Kind of Earl You Marry by Kate Pembrooke I have to admit, I always told myself that I was a contemporary romance gal, and that I really didn't like historicals. This was based on a couple of regency reads a long time ago that really didn't float my boat. But I can tell... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Something Fabulous

Something Fabulous by Alexis HallPublication Date: 25 Jan 2022 What can I say? Alexis Hall has long been one of my favorite authors, and this hilarious regency romp did not disappoint. I've never really liked the few regency romances that I've read, so I had pretty much written off the whole genre. Leave it to... Continue Reading →

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