Best of 2022: Number One

Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan As I mentioned in my original review, this was one of the easiest five stars I've ever given out. It's such a beautiful story, and it will pull you through just about every emotion as you watch Yasmen and Josiah try to regain what they once had, while... Continue Reading →

Best of 2022: Number Ten

Delphine Jones Takes a Chance by Beth Morrey (published as Em & Me in the UK) This book is such a complete JOY! A beautiful story of mothers and daughters, with strong female friendships and a cast of quirky characters. It's poignant and heartwarming and uplifting and I loved every page. Definitely put this on... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Well Traveled

Well Traveled by Jen DelucaBook 4 in the Well Met SeriesPublication date: 06 December 2022 Jen Deluca knows how to fill my soul. That's my eight-word review of the fourth installment of her Well Met series. But maybe you're looking for something longer and more detailed in a review... I've just come off reading a... Continue Reading →

Book Tour Stop: Beyond Any Experience

Beyond Any Experience by Anne E. TerpstraOut now from NineStar Press Do not think you'll be able to read this sapphic romance in small bits here and there. Clear your schedule before you start it because it will grab you by the heart and force you to stay up all night finishing it. In Beyond... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Thank You for Listening

Thank You for Listening by Julia Whelan Julia Whelan has been one of my favorite audiobook narrators pretty much from the first time I heard her voice. The range of voices and accents and characters that I've heard her read is astonishing. And then I started seeing reviews of Thank You for Listening popping up... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Lessons in Chemistry

Lessons in Chemistry by  Bonnie Garmus Elizabeth Zott is a force to be reckoned with. She is a brilliant chemist, a fact that goes unrecognized because she is a woman in an era when women were only supposed to be housewives and mothers. The only one who sees her as an equal is the grudge-holding... Continue Reading →

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